Winter Spiced Granola

Is there anything more perfect on a cold winters morning than a heart-warming feel good cozy bowl of granola? Healthy oats, sweet natural agave, fresh fruit and warming spices, it makes a great nutritious breakfast and is a great homemade gift for the holidays.

It doesn't take a lot of effort to make, once all the ingredients are combined all you have to do is bake it - simple! SO much better than a lot of the shop bought granola with FAR less sugar. 

I sometimes stick to the recipe and other times add in extra berries or nuts depending on what I have available in my cupboards and that's the best thing about this recipe - you can make it however you like whatever your tastes!

You don't need to heat up the granola otherwise it may become too soft, simply just heat up your milk and add the granola to it. I also like it served with yogurt and topped with fruit, honey, maple syrup or any nut butter for extra indulgence. 

Having a great tasty breakfast really gets me started for the day ahead and having this granola already made means it is so quick and easy for me to prepare in the morning. It also makes a great lunch, mid-day (or night time) snack. 

You no longer have an excuse of skipping breakfast if you're in a rush and are left to brace those cold frosty morning on an empty stomach as it honestly takes the same amount of time to prepare as it does to make a coffee.



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