Our Bakery in Cutlery Works

Sample a vibrant and friendly atmosphere in our new permanent space in Cutlery works, Kelham Island. We will be working alongside 13 other independent traders and collectively offering a space where friends and family can meet up, relax and enjoy all the tasty food on offer!
We'll be here serving our plant-based goods 5 days a week, Wednesday - Sunday. Grab a friend, wander down and take a seat!
Our signature plant-based Froconut will be served on tap, alongside fresh smoothies and our wide range of guilt-indulgences.
We have been working hard on our new menu to come up with recipes which prove how tasty, colourful and limitless plant-based eating can be. 
Here's a little sneak peak: 



Served until 12pm every day

Smoothie bowls
Toasted Banana Bread
Creamy Porridge 
Breakfast deli bar


Served all day

 Live fit - Cracked black pepper waffles, filled with cheese and spinach. Served with salad and sweet chilli jam
 Eat well - Vanilla waffles served with seasonal fruit, crushed pistachio's and your choice of sauce
Treat Often - Chocolate orange waffles, served with chocolate sauce, cacoa nibs and fresh orange 


Our signature froconut will be served on tap from 12pm 
Can be served in : 
- Coconut 
- Cup
- or alongside any of our guilt free indulgences 

Hot drinks 

Served all day
Turmeric Latte
- Beetroot Latte
- Golden Latte 
- Chai Latte 
- Matcha Latte


A selection of freshly baked treats | all dairy and gluten free