Quick, Easy Porridge

I’ve learned many important things along the way of my fitness journey and fuelling up with a good breakfast is one of the most important! No matter what your day holds, whether its a training day, rest day or busy work day, breakfast is what keeps us going.

was once told the riddle, “Eat like a king for breakfast, a knight for lunch and a peasant for dinner.” For most of us it is the total opposite! I always find I stuff my face at night, to the point where its uncomfortable and these are the days where I’ve had a small breakfast and not enough food throughout the day.

My go to breakfast recipe is a bowl of warm oats, topped with fruit, nut butter, seeds and yoghurt. Full of protein, fibre and carbohydrates and delicious!

For those of you who can spare 15 minutes in the morning, take a look at the recipe below. Get creative with your toppings and you’ll never go wrong!



If you have limited time in the mornings, you can prepare these oats the night before. Just add 1 cup of oats to some tupperware, milk in a cup with a lid and either pack your toppings separately or add them to the oats. Once you’ve arrived at work, just pour over the milk and microwave for 2/3 minutes.

The secret to perfect porridge is a little bit of patience when cooking, allow the milk to rise in temperature slowly, allowing the oats to be soaked in. There are a few extras that you can add when cooking to provide extra flavour or nutrition - grated carrot and a scoop of vanilla protein powder are personal favourites of mine!

The great thing about this SUPER SIMPLE recipe is that you can mix it up so every day is different. Using different milks will give you different flavours, seasoned fruit will add fibre and freshness, and your favourite nut butter... because what is life without peanut butter?

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