Carrot Cake Porridge

This healthy gluten-free recipe combines gluten free oats, apple, carrot and mixed spices to make a breakfast that tastes like dessert yum! With 2 portions of fruit and veg and slow releasing carbohydrates it is full of flavour and gives you a great start to the day!

Carrot cake is such a great classic that has inspired so many other creative recipes showing it truly has stood the test of time and I for one hope it sticks around as I completely love the taste! If you agree then you are definitely going to love this recipe! It has all the satisfying and heart-warming deliciousness of a slice of carrot cake easily and quickly thrown into a pan and warmed together to make a creamy morning porridge - yum, yum, yum It is also rich in fibre and nourishing for your body. 

So what are you waiting for? Change up your usual bowl of morning porridge and give this one a go instead!


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