About Elly Joy

What do we do? 

We create guilt-free indulgences. Treats that are made using natural plant-based ingredients, making suitable to all. We believe life is about creating balance and with our treats you can do just that. The majority of snacks and treats we find on our shelves today are full of processed additives, sugars and unnatural ingredients. We are here to prove that you can enjoy a treat whenever you like whilst guaranteeing great taste as well as nutritious benefits. 

Who is EllyJoy

With a background in sport, developing from a young career as an international gymnast and trampolinist to now taking on Ironman Triathlon challenges, nutrition has always been prominent in her life. Creating a balanced lifestyle and diet has equally been her motivation and after developing IBS, eating natural foods were the motivation to start creating guilt-free indulgences. 

Elly Joy