We have something very exciting to announce...WE ARE CROWDFUNDING!

We cannot believe the journey we have had so far. With Cutlery Works closing because of Covid-19, events cancelling and loosing wholesalers, we wasn't exactly sure what the future of Elly Joy would hold. Wanting to put a little spirit back into the community as lock-down ripped through our worlds both personally and professionally, myself and Olivia, my childhood friend and now business partner(!), decided to open a 4 week "pop-up" at Dyson Place. Fast forward 18 weeks and we are still there! We never believed the queues and support we would have from the community. That's why, thanks to your overwhelming love and encouragement, we have decided to make it our official home!


And so Olive&Joy was born. Our mission is to create a place that provides a unique eating experience like no other. Being passionate about creating healthy, fun and exciting foods that bring a sense of happiness and enjoyment, we plan to expand our menu alongside offering our usual treats and Froconut soft-serve. We want to celebrate food and allow you to enjoy in the best way.

We have re-invested everything we have earned over the last 18 weeks to achieve our dream shop, but to make it truly the best place we can, we are asking for your help. Crowdfunding will also allow us too refit our entire unit including:

  • Flooring
  • Takeaway hatch 
  • Extraction unit for the kitchen area
  • Baby changing facilities
  • Outdoor seating + heaters 
  • Protective screens
  • PPE for our staff members
  • Froconut machines for more exciting flavours & desserts


Crowdfunding is a way for people, or companies and to raise money from a large amount of people (the crowd). Organisations or individuals can donate or invest into crowdfunding projects in return for profits or different rewards. 


  • We continued as a pop-up for as long as we could to build as much finance as we possibly could for our refit 
  • We are fully independent and a brand new business, we have no external investment and everything so far has been reinvestment from our pop-up
  • We have been unable to apply for any government help or loans during this time due to being registered as a new business 
  • None of our staff will be protected against any further lock-downs caused by Covid-19 again because we are registered as a new business and therefore we need extra funds to ensure we can continue to operate
  • Who else didn’t realise Covid-19 would still be impacting so massively on our lives? Us neither! Our original plans have had to be changed to.

EllyJoy has always revolved around our community and following, trying to involve our customers in every venture. We wouldn't be where we are today without your ideas and support every step of the way. We already feel completely speechless by all of your encouragement and appreciate even your consideration in helping us with our dream. 

Crowdfunding gives you the opportunity to help us achieve this. You can donate from as little as £1, or as much as £200. We are truly grateful for every donation we receive. 


  • £1 or more – the biggest hug, if that was allowed but its not so a big virtual hug and eternal gratitude 
  • £12 or more – Doughnot forget to smile tote bag and a little thank you card
  • £15 or more – Childrens Festive Froconut Decorating
  • £20 or more – Your choice one of the BRAND NEW EllyJoy subscription boxes. Eat Well, Live Fit & Treat Often
  • £40 or more – Brunch for two including coffee and a sweet treat to takeaway 
  • £60 or more – EllyJoy plant-based festive hamper + tote bag
  • £70 or more – A giant Doughnot every year on your birthday for 5 years!
  • £80 or more – Breakfast, Froconut, and a box of take-home treats for you and your family
  • £100 or more – Doughnot forget to smile hoodie, tote bag + a box of brownies
  • £150 or more - Become a baker! Join our bakers & learn how we make our delicious vegan/gluten-free sweet treats
  • £200 or more – Spend a day in our bakery and design your own Doughnot flavour and Froconut topping along with our chefs. Your creations will make it onto our specials menu for two months.
  • £500 or more - Coffee & sweet treat for a whole YEAR!!
  • £750 or more – Hire our Froconut & horsebox for up to 100 people

You can visit our Crowdfunding page here

If you have any questions about our campaign, we would love to answer! Please email elly@ellyjoy.co.uk 

We can't wait to have you a part of our tasty journey!