Get Creative with your Coconuts

 The Ellyjoy brand does not only pride itself on healthy eating, but also the sustainability and re-usability of resources. The end of the froconut event season is fast approaching (but don’t worry as you can enjoy these feel good nice-creams on tap in our new permanent residence), and a lot of you lovely people may be left with the coconut shells which our froconut was served in.

We’re proud that the ingredients going into our product are 100% natural, as well as the ‘container’ it is served in. Coconut water and milk are used to create our nutritious and delicious ice-cream alternative, and the coconut shells are reclaimed and turned into numerous different things which can be used around the house.





The uses for coconut husks are limitless, these are just a few of our favourite ways to re-use them:


Breakfast Bowls

Once you have enjoyed our deliciously plant-based Froconut, you can use the coconut shell as a breakfast bowl for your smoothies, porridge or tasty granola. The re-use of these bowls not only helps this lovely planet of ours, but also transports you to the tropics in the cold winter months,  so sit back and enjoy this summery treat.






Candle Holders

These little beauties will brighten up any room, and add a uniqueness to your coffee table. You can re-cycle your coconut shell and turn it into a beautiful candle holder, just melt your wax, attach the wick to the bottom of your coconut shell, and pour on in.





Plant Pots

Coconut shells can even be used for potting compost, creating unique plant holders. All you need to do is hollow your coconut shell out, drill 2-3 holes into the bottom, fill up with compost and add your seeds. Place these up-cycled coconut planters in the sun and watch as your plant starts to bloom. You can personalise this by painting on the exterior of the coconut shell too!



So get creative and shake off those winter blues with these tropical home hacks. Share your creations on instragram at @ellyjoy or @froconut - we would love to see what you’ve been up to!