Froconut vs Ice Cream

So what actually is the difference between Froconut and regular Ice Cream?

Ice cream is a fitting treat for any and every occasion, although not all ice creams are created equal. Froconut is a unique and innovative take on regular ice cream, which redefines old-fashioned recipes and breaks out the confines of a simple scoop in the bottom of a cup or on a cone. Unlike other ice creams, Froconut is plant-based, dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan friendly. It is a soft serve ice cream alternative, which melts like a sorbet but feels like an ice cream. It is refreshing and light, yet satisfyingly rich and creamy.  

But what does Froconut look like?

Froconut is hand swirled in thick layers leading to a spiralling peak and presented in a coconut shell, cup or cone. Current popular flavours include raspberry, chocolate and vanilla, which are adorned with a generous assortment of homemade toppings, sauces and garnished with fresh fruit. This delicious confection has proven popular with a wide and varied audience. With toppings such as honeycomb, crumble, peanut brittle, chocolate chunks and sauces such as salted caramel and fresh raspberry to choose from, it’s a far cry from a regular 99’ with a flake!


The Sciency Part…

Unlike dairy ice cream, the milk base in Froconut is substituted for coconut milk and water, which has a soft texture and delicate flavour. In the making of Froconut, the water content is bound to solids, which prevents the formation of ice crystals. Whilst some ice creams may have an undesirable consistency resulting in a sandy or gritty taste due to an imperfect emulsion; Froconut is bound and blended, resulting in a perfectly smooth and soft consistency that melts in the mouth effortlessly.

The Nutritionals…

Ice cream has never been kind to our waistlines but is notoriously loved for its comforting and satisfying properties. In terms of counting calories, Froconut offers all the indulgence of a rich dairy ice cream, but without the sin. Analysis of current well-known and established leading brands of dairy vanilla ice cream come in at a whopping 250-270Kcal per 100g! Vanilla Froconut is a mere 113Kcal per 100g, making it less than half the calories!

Additionally, in comparing nutritional labels, (and for those wary of the saturated fat in coconut) Froconut works out to be significantly lower in both total and saturated fat, as well as being much higher in fibre content. Being both nutritious and delicious, it seems like Froconut wins this round!