Fighting Food waste

Food waste is one of the largest challenges facing us today.
Around 24 million slices of bread are thrown away EVERY DAY and with 27 million households in the UK, that’s around 1 slice per household.
This isn’t even taking into account the restaurant industry!

spelt sourdough slices

The Facts

 One slice of bread per person may not seem like a lot, but it’s mounting up thick and fast. Imagine all of the different things we could make, and who we could feed if we took a slice of bread from each household every day.
 Research from Wrap (The Government food waste advisory body), suggests that if everyone in the UK threw away 3 fewer slices of bread each week, the nation’s bread waste mountain would disappear.
Individuals contribute massively to the rise in food waste, mindlessly throwing away perfectly edible food every day. In 2015, the UK alone threw away £13 billion worth of edible food! Many of us aimlessly throw things into our trolleys at the supermarkets. We overload on food and allow it to sit at the back of our cupboards or the bottom of our fridges until it has gone too bad to eat. When we discard our food, we not only waste money, but also discard all of the resources which went into producing it.


We think it’s about time this changed.


Here’s what YOU can do at home: 

  • Be creative with your meals - think about where you can use ingredients elsewhere and mix up your recipes. Throw old fruit into baked goods or smoothies - they offer plenty of nutrients and taste delicious!
  • Plan your meals - before you go food shopping, write down a few meal ideas to avoid buying ingredients which will not be used.
    Don't be afraid to buy frozen foods! 
    Freezing stalls enzyme break-down, particularly in starchy veggies like peas and corn. In addition, water soluble vitamins like vitamin C and some of the B's are lost in fresh produce after they have been picked, and continue to decrease the longer they are left out. Green peas lose as much as 51 per cent of their vitamin C content within 48 hours of picking!
    • Put your freezer to good use - Keep foods like bread, certain fruits, vegetables, even herbs, nuts,  all in the freezer - they can all be defrosted and cooked as normal. Keeping your food in glass jars can also help keep it fresher for longer
    • Portion control - try to cook without any excess, but if you do make too much food, freeze the leftovers and have it for dinner another day! Dishes like dahls, stews and soups all keep really well in the freezer and are great if you are in a hurry!
    • Keep your eye on the use by date - re-plan your meals around the ingredients which need to be used first 
    • Best before vs Use by - Not to be confused, the ‘best before’ date refers to quality not safety. If you see a product in your fridge which has passed its best before date, it is still ok to eat! Too often food is thrown away before it is inedible - grab it and be creative with your ingredients.



      Our ethos at EllyJoy

       We're beaming green at EllyJoy 

       Our business has, and always will be as sustainable and ethical as we can possibly make it. This environment is ours to love and protect, and we have been making little swaps over the past few years to reduce any unnecessary food and plastic waste. Although change needs to happen on a global scale, we believe the little changes each and every one of us can make can help combat the problem and strive for a healthier and more sustainable planet.
      We will be monitoring food waste closely to ensure this is kept to a minimum, looking at how we can connect with businesses like Olio, to ensure any left over food can be passed on to our neighbours rather than being thrown away.

      Coconut shells

      We are proud that our products are made using plant-based ingredients, as well as being served in them. Our signature plant based ice-cream, Froconut, is served in a freshly cut coconut, which can be taken home and fleshed out to create a range of different household items. Take a look at our ‘Get Creative with your Coconuts’ blog to see how you can re-use your coconut shells!


      Compostable packaging and re-usable schemes

      Our take away packaging is all Veg Ware - packaging which is 100% plant based, making them entirely compostable. Our passion for a sustainable business has heavily influenced our new menu and offering at our base in Cutlery Works. We will be introducing a re-usable jar scheme, whereby customers will be offered a discount if they bring their own jars in for their breakfasts, or containers for their lunches.


      As a nation, we are notorious for using disposables and single use plastics. It takes 50 years for a coffee cup to biodegrade and 450 years for a plastic bottle, and with 480 billion plastic bottles being sold in 2016, we are leaving behind billions of tonnes of waste for generations and generations after us.
      Our team have become increasingly aware of the volume of packaging both companies and individual customers use day to day. We will do everything possible to reduce our impact on the environment, and believe everyone can make positive changes to help do the same.


      The choice is yours.

      Write your lists, wash out your jars, and join us to make a change.