Eat Well, Live Fit, Treat Often

The EllyJoy brand was built upon the motto of 'Eat Well, Live Fit, Treat Often'. I strongly believe in balance in every walk in life. This has become increasingly important in the fast-paced and modern world we live in, that we maintain a balanced diet and personal fitness for our overall health and well-being (however that doesn't mean not having the odd choccy bar every now and again.) 

Eat Well

We are constantly bombarded by new diet trends and being told what food is good/bad for us and what we should avoid particularly on the internet and social media can mean we are often left confused on what information we should listen to. The NHS-Live Well section is a reliable source of information that can help with maintaining balance in exercise and eating well. I believe you can never go wrong with eating a balanced diet and trying to eat your 5 a day. Healthy foods provide us with the nutrients to create new cells and help our body's organs and tissues work effectively. If we don't have great nutrition for our body's, we can sometimes be left tired and be open to more illnesses. 

Live Fit

Conflicting information doesn't just end at how we should eat but also what the best exercise is we should be doing, whether it should be fasted cardio, yoga, interval training, weight lifting etc. In basic terms, I believe any type of exercise you do helps with maintaining balance and creates a positive impact on your lifestyle. Whatever sport or fitness programme you find enjoyable stick to it!

Treat Often

The key point to maintaining balance is to try and not be too harsh on ourselves. Due to the rise of social media and the internet it can be far too easy to overthink and compare ourselves to others that seem to have a 'perfect lifestyle'. Everyone has their own journey and what is right for one person may not be for another. Each little change we make in being kinder to ourselves, whether this is taking more time to relax, trying new things and treating yourself to a bit of indulgence, is a step in the right direction.

According to  eating well, exercise and saying 'yes' more, all contribute to a balanced lifestyle which can help right against depression, reduce stress, improve your mood and overall improve your health and well being.