About EllyJoy


The EllyJoy brand is centred around the promotion of healthy eating with deliciously simple plant-based ingredients. We believe that everyone should indulge in sweet treats from time to time, and are here to prove that plant-based recipes can fulfil those cravings whilst guaranteeing great taste as well as nutritious value. 


The recipes you find on here are all made using natural ingredients which are both vegan and gluten free, making them suitable for all. We take inspiration for our recipes from the different seasons, helping to inject a sense of creativity and colour in each new recipe. 




Guilt-free indulgences 

The majority of snacks and sweet treats we find on our shelves today are full of processed additives and unrefined sugars, hence the sluggish and often unsatisfied feeling after their consumption. 

Refusing to give up on the sweet treats, I embarked on a journey to create something which was natural but didn't compromise on quality or taste. After smothering the walls with cake batter and garnishing the kitchen sides with salted caramel glazes, I arrived at the 'Doughnot', a plant based alternative topped with tempting treats. Ever since this moment, I have been working hard to create a range of guilt free indulgences which are both delicious and packed with nutrients. This includes are signature plant-based coconut 'ice-cream', which can be found at various events around the country. Find out a little bit more about Froconut here!


We have come a long way in the past two years and have trial'd countless amounts of recipes in our small kitchen. But we are excited to see the EllyJoy brand continue to expand and move into our new permanent residence at Cutlery Works in Kelham Island, where we will be selling all of our guilt-free indulgences and showing others how plant-based eating can be nutritious, colourful and limitless.

A little bit about Elly

When i'm not in the kitchen, you can find me training hard at the gym, on the road with our delicious Froconut or on a quest for the best oatly flat white in town.

My passion for sport acted as a catalyst to create nutritious recipes which would provide me with a clear mind and fuel for the upcoming competition. 

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Eat well, Live fit, Treat often


Elly Joy