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Hiking in American National parks - 9th May - 20th May 2018

So my best friend and I just spent the last 10 days visiting some of the worlds most iconic national parks in America, it's safe to stay this has hands down got to be one of the best trips of my life. If you like activity holidays, seeing incredible naturally created wonders, road tripping and being outdoors then I can't recommend these spots highly enough! However be warned, these were no walks in the park. I would recommend having all the right equipment, getting some training in and being really organised when it comes to booking accommodation and excursions.  I flew to LAX from London Gatwick which cost £410! Yes pretty cheap! I flew with Norwegian airlines, which I must...

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How to complete your first Triathlon

We’ve all heard of the Brownlee brothers, the magnificent Olympic champions from Yorkshire!  I used to think of triathlon as an unachievable sport, with 3 disciplines, so much equipment, months of training, long distances, I never thought of it as a sport for me. However here I am, one season down, half ironman completed and gearing up for my first marathon as “training” for a full ironman event, I mean how did that happen! Before I start, I think it is useful to know what the distances are in Triathlon. This is the great thing, you can start with the sprint and then you find yourself going a little bit further each race until you find your favourite/become slightly obsessed:...

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