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Hello! My aim is to motivate, inspire and demonstrate how easy healthy living can be and by dreaming big you can achieve ANYTHING, believe me, I’ve seen it, I’m doing it!

In an attempt to improve my wellbeing and overall health including IBS (very common in young women) I have adopted a gluten-free, low fodmap diet whilst trying to reduce my meat and dairy consumption. Most of my recipes are plant-based, gluten-free and low fodmap but I do love to experiment and find out what ingredients work best.

What’s my story?

The majority of my childhood involved being active in one way or another from back garden stunt trampolining and homemade gymnastic equipment to competitive four piece gymnastics, England trampoline and now triathlon, marathon, Ironman, fell running, weight training and generally adopting a healthy lifestyle.

However until I travelled to Australia in 2014, I was the typical student living on pasta, cheese and booze.I failed to understand nutrition and how best to fuel my body. What I believed to be ‘healthy’ was in fact restricting fad diets, meal replacements and iceberg lettuce. Since returning to the UK, I have set-up a business, Fro by Joy, where the main ethos is a balanced lifestyle. I am combining treats and desserts with superfoods to create guilt-free healthy indulgences. I discovered, whilst living in Australia that the world produces incredible foods so we don’t need to eat cheap, processed rubbish; we just need to learn how to use them! Through my Instagram and blog, I aim to inspire and continue to be inspired, by creating recipes, workouts and promote a balanced lifestyle.

P.s. I’m dyslexic so don’t judge me for spelling, grammar or punctuation 😉  I want to encourage all those who struggle just as much as me that anything is possible

Elly x

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